UX Engineer

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Front-end work

2016 primaries election results
Created a system of embeddable election modules with component-level breakpoints. Used across CNN homepage and articles from Primary through General Elections 2016
Exit polls page from 2016
Designed and implemented all exit poll visualizations for the 2016 elections. Graphics were used in TV shows and at protests!
Animation in the DOM An animated multi-results module
Prototyped and implemented an animated multiple-results module, used on the homepage on election night.
Iowa state map, 2016 elections
Prototyped and developed all geo map components for the 2016 elections across mobile and desktop. Designed the shading scale to show "strength of lead" at the county/parish level. Desktop shown above.
South Carolina state map on mobile.
Mobile maps leverage different interaction affordances.
CNN Homepage circa 2015
CNN front-end team circa 2014: Rebuilt the site navigation, the card model, and refactored many thousands of lines of SCSS to launch a new
Times square billboard
That time I made a Twitter-powered billboard visualization for the NBA in Times Square.
Tweet of the Union iPad immersive
I coined the phrase "Tweet of the Union" and built an interactive for the CNN iPad app in 2012.
A NCAA bracket printing kiosk
For some reason, kiosks were really big in the 2010s. This one generated an NCAA bracket for you and printed it. Kiosks distributed around the US for March Madness.
Brook Baldwin on CNN
Putting Instgram on-air for CNN circa 2012-2013. Featured above: Brook Baldwin and a web app of tornado images.

Experiments and visualizations

Map visual experiments
Blood sugar visualization for the restaurant Argosy
Drums in my home recording studio
US County map with census data overlay
Map visual experiment
Blood sugar animation visualization
Trendline plot for blood sugar
Blood sugar and insulin visualization
Hardware hacking a midi controller using Raspberry Pi
Blood sugar visualization, part 1
Blood sugar visualization for the restaurant Caramba Cafe
A broken map visualization
Blood sugar visualization, part 2