prototypes + products

Mapping Election Results

From GIS to maps on Election Center

Visualizing Exit Polls

Helping tell the story of elections with data

Building the Flipper Ticker

From prototype to homepage for CNN's Elections coverage

Visualizing Food Choices

Correlating glucose readings to restaurant visits

Finding Metabolic Trends

Visualizing daily metabolic trends across the years

Graphing Tech Startups

Dealing with a large data set, I solve visual and code problems

Working on the new CNN

Working as a front-end developer and interaction designer to launch a new CNN

Crafting Data Visualizations

Creating reusable visualizations for the city of Miami

Timeshifting Diabetes Data

Exploring metabolic data through different time contexts

Hacking Midi

Designing an open-source platform for mixing music

Prototyping for CNN

Designing a new way to consume breaking news on

Making Piano Stairs

Building an interactive, playable staircase to promote healthy choices at work

Deploying a Social Billboard

Displaying Twitter votes in real-time on a Times Square billboard

Creating On-Air Galleries

Telling stories with images for CNN news

Visualizing Twitter Data

Designing interactive data visualizations for the CNN iPad app


As lead Interaction Designer for's elections coverage, I prototype and build front-end components for elections results. From maps to candidate bios to page layouts, I work on a small development team to realize designs for millions of users every day.

Senior Interaction Designer - 2

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

React.js, Large-Scale Web Deployments, ES2015, Linux, JavaScript, Module Bundlers, HTML, Node.js, NPM, CSS
Data Visualization
Responsive Design
Visual Design


In 2015, I worked on my technical fluency. Drawing inspiration from Code Library and API design, visual design, and the ever-evolving landscape of fancy new production tools, I crafted front-end code and comprehensive updates to, built a mobile application prototype for CNN, and contributed to the architecture and development of elections coverage for the 2016 Presidential Primaries.

Senior Interaction Designer - 1

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Large-Scale Web Deployments, Front-End Development, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, Linux
Data Visualization
Responsive Design
Visual Design
NCAA Instabracket 2015
NCAA Boss Button 2015


Promoted to Senior Interaction Designer, I add to my design role by providing insights and direction for information architecture, user flows, and front-end architecture. From July through the end of the year, I worked as a Front-End Developer and Interaction Designer on the redesign of

Senior Interaction Designer

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Expert Interaction Designer - 3

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

HTML, Linux, Front-End Development, CSS, Raspberry Pi, JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js
Data Visualization
Responsive Design
Visual Design Version 2.0
PGA App - Samsung SmartTV


This was a year for getting things done. I taught classes on CSS and Open-Source Technologies. I participated in two Hackathons (one at Turner, one at Yahoo!). I helped found a Maker group at Turner, learned how servers work, and got back into playing and recording music.

Expert Interaction Designer - 2

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

UI Prototyping + Interaction Design

Rimidi Diabetes, LLC

CSS, Linux, Audio Production, MongoDB, Raspberry Pi, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js
Visual Design
Mobile Design
Responsive Design
Data Visualization
Servers + Port Routing Version 1.0


In 2012, I worked on my craftsmanship- thinking beyond the bounds of any single project into the mutable nature of technology and design. I crafted semantic code, front-end architecture, modular room acoustics, and began learning piano.

Expert Interaction Designer - 1

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

MongoDB, WebGL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Piano Lessons
Responsive Design
Visual Design
Mobile Design
MLB PostSeason
AtWork - iPad
Image Galleries


After finishing my Master's project exploring social health for Diabetics, I found an amazing job at Turner Broadcasting and took a deep dive into a new career path.

Expert Interaction Designer

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Master of Science

Human-Computer Interaction - Georgia Tech

Teaching Assistant

3D Design - Georgia Tech

CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Data Visualization
Mobile Design
Visual Design
Teaching Assistant Curriculum
Healthcare Technologies
Cognitive Psychology
Blocks - Diabetes Data Tracking
Electronic Health Records Redesign
UAV Interface Design
Personal Site Redesign (Wordpress)


In 2010, I was deep in the midst of graduate school. I decided to focus on diabetes technology for my Master's Project and found Elizabeth Mynatt as a faculty advisor. In the Fall, I landed a Teaching Assistant position with Carl DiSalvo, which got me addicted to helping people learn.

Master of Science Candidate - 1

Human-Computer Interaction - Georgia Tech

Teaching Assistant

Visual Design - Georgia Tech

Web Producer

Ivan Allen College - Georgia Tech

Processing + OOP, CSS, HTML
Visual Design
Data Visualization
Teaching Assistant Curriculum
Engineering Psychology
Human-Computer Interaction
Living Liberia Batik - Interactive Storytelling
Class Projects
Freelance Web Design


In 2009, I left my job as a Flash Ad Maker for a slightly stranger job as a Master's student. In the interim, I stumbled into a role mixing live music recordings for a local podcast. In the Fall, I went back to school and began work on a memorial project for Liberia in collaboration with the Carter Center.

Multimedia Developer - 2

Screen 5ive Media, LLC

Recording + Mix Engineer

Master of Science Candidate

Human-Computer Interaction - Georgia Tech

JavaScript, Flash ActionScript 3
Sound Design
Visual Design
Engineering Psychology
Human-Computer Interaction mixes
shrimpsauce clothing
Tons of Flash Ads + Catalogs


In 2008, I worked full time as a Flash Developer. I learned all about ActionScript, XML, and how to work on a small production team. Within 6 months, I was promoted to team lead, coordinating efforts between designers and developers to meet aggressive timelines.

Multimedia Developer - 1

Screen 5ive Media, LLC

Audio Production, Scrum/Agile, PHP, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript 3, Flash ActionScript 2
Sound Design
Tons of Flash Ads + Catalogs


After finishing my Sound Design senior project in Surround Sound music mixing, I found an internship for audio production. After that, I found an internship learning Flash. I took on some freelance Sound Design and Video Editing work. Then I got promoted to a full-time Flash Developer.

Multimedia Developer

Screen 5ive Media, LLC

Flash Development Intern

Screen 5ive Media, LLC

Audio Production Intern

Creative Sound Concepts, LLC

Video Editor + Sound Designer


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Sound Design

Savannah College of Art & design

Audio Production, Flash ActionScript 2
Sound Design
5.1 Surround Music Mix Thesis
Sound Effects Design - Senior Film Project
Audio Installation Project